1 govcert.nl 2007 conference – user empowerment and information security

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SAS risk management – after 2 crashes we get damage control

technical job opening at CyTRAP Labs – apply now

3 ENISA – awareness raising study – better prevention thanks to data crunching

user empowerment and raising awareness about information security
how do we empower users to protect their information better – are information security awareness campaigns the key on the road to success?
get some insights and answers why your efforts in the past may have failed and worst …. will continue unless you change your approach as outlined below

Last year we were invited for the first time to attend the annual International IT & Information Security Conference organized by GOVCERT.NL – we were asked to give an introduction about CyTRAP Labs Early Warning System – EWS.You can get the slides from the 2006 presentation with the link below:

New threats and national warning systems – do they work (scroll down, get the slides)

This year it will be a repeat appearance by CyTRAP Labs (who are we?) at the GovCERT.NL 2007 conference. We will particate in the session entitled:

End Users – Response and Responsibility – End User

with the following esteemed colleagues:

1 David Freeman, Technical Advisor, ITsafe, UK

To improve its services to UK citizens and business, ITsafe is developing a tool that will allow users to subscribe to services according to their needs – such as operating system, software used, etc.)

2 Urs E. Gattiker, Founder and CTO CyTRAP Labs, Switzerland

To help users better protect their information assets, information awareness raising campaings have been en vogue. Unfortunately, their success with adolescents (e.g., 11 – 26 years of age) appear to be limited. In fact, understanding and knowing about risky choices does not seem to deter younger people to drink too much or visit suspicious websites. In turn, getting infected by malware to makes their PC part of a botnet (see below) is more likely to happen to an adolescent than an older adult or a child…. but why?

Get the presentation slides here:

Why info information security awareness initiatives have failed and will continue to do so

See also:

1 empowerment for end-users

3 Junko Hayakashi, JP-CERT Link provides flowchart that outlines how the botnet removal service works for SMEs and home-users in Japan

To detect a network of bots, Cyber Clean Center uses honeypots (see also NOAH), gets IP addresses of infected computers and sends an email to a user whose PC has become part of a botnet. The alerting method does not just send the infected user an e-mail but, as importantly, the user is sent a URL of the “BOT disinfestation website” that shows how to remove the malware from one’s PC. (see also –Research that matters – more insights into NOAH the European Network of Affined Honeypots research project).

Check out the full program here:

are you a master of your own identity – 6th International IT & Information Security Symposium, GOVCERT.NL,


1 empowerment for end-users – awareness raising – GOVCERT SYMPOSIUM 2007

2 govcert.nl 2007 conference – user empowerment and information security


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