7 reasons why building and hosting your corporate WordPress blog is the best choice

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While building and hosting a server solution can be more difficult, there are a number of reasons why companies should choose to host their own blog instead. Some of those services (e.g., Blogger) offer a limited set of features and/or prohibit placing ads on your site. It can take months or years to build an audience. Rather than eventually moving your site away from one of these services, you are better off hosting it with a reliable web host under your corporate domain.

User-friendly hosted systems (like Blogger, TypePad and WordPress.com) are one option versus server systems (like Movable Type and WordPress.org).

The list of reasons why you should host your own blog below is not arranged in any particular order.

why hosting one’s corporate blog is better than using a service
1 focused information the more discrete information objects become, the more likely they can be found by precisely the people looking for them – each “idea” is typically published as a specific information object making an easier job of recommending it through word-of-mouth.WordPress makes it simple to structure your posts carefully (small paragraphs, tables, bold text, graphics, etc.), thereby making glancing over their content easy and fast.

Creating good “structured content” that people will link to organically helps getting more attention.Most important, you can give readers access to important content – white papers, checklists, software – hosted on your own site – easy with WordPress

2 SEO marketing – search engine ranking hosted somewhere else, the link juice is not helping boost your website link popularity (e.g., info.cytrap.eu helps our domain’s popularity while info.feedster.com helps the hoster instead).

If content is not attributed to your primary domain but rather something.blogspot or something.typepad — search engine rankings are unlikely to improve for your domain.

3 e-mail subscriptions hosting one’s own web means one can keep and be in control of subscriptions (e.g., protecting privacy of your subscribers)using hosted blogs such as blogger means that e-mails coming from the service show off the service’s name and not your firm’s one such as: FeedBlitz <feedblitz@mail.feedblitz.com>
4 security with hosted systems, your company’s blog is at the mercy of the provider.Headlines such as: Massive DoS Attack Knocks TypePad, LiveJournal Blogs Offline suggest that things might be better with hosting your own blog.
5 syndication WordPress offers standard RSS feeds and includes native support for podcast enclosures.

WordPress offers RSS feeds for comments which is a feature not available via the Blogger service.With a non-hosted version you may get a great story link that pushes your provider’s domain (e.g., Feedburner used for McAfee Avert Labs and the link then looks like: Botnets Jump the Shark (http://feeds.feedburner.com/%7Er/McafeeAvertLabsBlog

6 plug ins tons of plug-ins that help customize the corporate bloga) the plug-in manager and theb) search plug-in that allow users to search both the dated blog entries and the non-chronological page information

This is essential if someone wanted to look for a specific form regarding something like Web 2.0.Searching just the dated weblog entries might not return a result, but including the page file with the list of dental benefit forms will now be shown in the search results page.

7 functionality take advantage of the functionality that the platform offers out of the box such as the ease in which it can be maintained and updated.

CONCLUSION OR CyTRAP Labs’ take on this

For corporations, blogs provide a low-cost, low-risk way to communicate their messages and distribute content to brand enthusiasts rather than just consumers.As such, corporations must rethink the purpose of their blog – shifting from sales support to brand advocacy. By doing so, corporate blogs become a channel to engage brand enthusiasts rather than just consumers.

They also become a conduit to reach online influentials including non-corporate bloggers and impact key brand metrics through their use and distribution of content across their own networks.


Many things can be done by a manual job where experts are not needed, such as reading the posts we link in this story. What you might need us and our trained staff for is to exercise judgment – judgment that is overriding whatever a pre-fab check list can give you – 7 steps to success – organic web traffic that matters



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