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image - ComMetrics Blog Footprint ComMetrics, a division of CyTRAP Labs GmbH, focuses on competitive benchmarking and social media analytics (e.g., developing the FT ComMetrics Blog Index – the industry standard for ranking corporate blogs of FT Global 500 and Fortune 500 companies’ blogs).

We have several job openings. Consider applying and read more about these opportunities below.

Who you are

    – You are a student who has worked on some IT projects, possibly designing, implementing and supporting web-based software, blogs, etc.

What you will be doing
Your job entails support of CyTRAP Labs GmbH and the ComMetrics production infrastructure, including but not limited to the list below.

    – Provide ongoing support of existing production infrastructures.
    – Work with the Projects Manager and the Chief Technology Officer on planning and scheduling assigned service improvement projects and initiatives.

To make this a bit easier we have created two positions. Either one might be suitable for you. If you have a different combination of skills than listed below, please do not hesitate to apply anyway and talk to us about it… we always need motivated staff and your skills are valuable to us.

What you can do: Job A

    – Web application development and server maintenance with emphasis on Apache and Debian-Linux.
    -PHP, JavaScript and Java.

What you can do: Job B

    – Design, CSS, HTML.
    – Knowledge of CSS and remote server administration via FTP.

Other skills such as working with databases and SSH, are an asset but not a requirement.

These jobs can be done from anywhere in the world with a working internet connection, since our virtual team collaborates through the world-wide web. Since they are part-time, they perfectly suit any student looking to apply some of the skills you may be learning in school. And as a bonus, the jobs can help you pay those pesky bills!

Submit your application and apply TODAY!

To see what we do and find out more about us, register your blog at, and begin benchmarking your blog for FREE.

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