Penetration tests – why they might fail

by Urs E. Gattiker on 2007/05/22 · 0 comments 2.527 views

In theory, the rational for a penetration test provides a level of practical assurance that any malicious user will not be able to penetrate the system. Most experts agree, however, that an automated penetration test in the hands of an untrained novice could do more harm
than good.

Penetration testing and other types of IT security assessments are a growing industry. In a world made increasingly unsafe by identity theft, online rip-offs and other cybercrimes, IT security pros are under pressure to fortify systems and networks and protect information assets.

As well, the growing number of regulations require public- and private-sector CIOs to harden their systems and networks against external and internal threats.

Get more information about how it works and what you can do to protect your firm’s information assets, while avoiding the classical shortcomings of penetration tests by reading our short White Paper below:

Gattiker, Urs. E. and Wagner, Andreas (May 23, 2007), CyTRAP Labs– sense and nonsense regarding intrusion detection testing – PenTesting-MakingSense-2007-05-23.pdf

Wagner, Andreas und Gattiker, Urs E. (May 23, 2007), CyTRAP Labs– Sinn und Unsinn mit Penetration Tests – PenTesting-MakingSense-2007-05-23.pdf


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