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by Urs E. Gattiker on 2007/08/05 · 0 comments 5.213 views

Job Description

The purpose of the position is to provide:

– routine server administration,
– create code for custom applications and processes, and
– user administration and support for computer and web-based instructional and technology projects.

Responsibilities include maintaining servers, administering MySQL databases; providing user administration and support:

==> Server and Webpage development (Apache, Debian-Linux, PHP5, CSS, HTML, JavaScript) ,

==> Database development and programming (PHP5, MySQL)

The ideal candidate has at least basic knowledge of wordpress (blog) administration and wordpress plugin development.

Knowledge of exim mail server is a plus.

All server administration is done remotely via SSH or FTP, thus applicants must be very familiar with these tools.

The position could be done part-time.


To find out what you need to do if you wish to apply, please check here for details:

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